Sencio nCapsulate Cuts System Assembly Costs

NIJMEGEN, The Netherlands /PRNewswire/ -- Independent package development and assembly specialists Sencio BV is bringing an extra dimension to sensor and MEMS encapsulation with the launch of its nCapsulate freeform packaging technology. nCapsulate offers complete freedom of shape when encapsulating semiconductor sensors or MEMS. This allows manufacturers to add functional features that streamline assembly or to integrate the device encapsulation directly into system housing components, leading to faster, more cost-effective system assembly.

nCapsulate uses transfer molding with a thermosetting compound that delivers better isotropy and thermomechanical stability than the thermoplastics of standard injection molding technologies. It combines this with special mold tools developed by Sencio and a tool shop partner. Together, these developments enable device encapsulation that delivers the same excellent protection as traditional packages, but it can be formed into any shape required. For example, manufacturers can use nCapsulate to add mounting, alignment, and support features to a standard package design or embed sensors or MEMS directly into plastic components, such as tubes and system casings.

"We aim to develop new encapsulation solutions that bring customers real added value," says Jurgen Raben, Manager of Technology, Research, and Innovation at Sencio BV. "nCapsulate does exactly that. Its freeform nature helps manufacturers streamline or even eliminate post-encapsulation assembly steps to improve production efficiency and save money. Moreover, customers can combine nCapsulate with our other functional packaging capabilities, such as the ability to expose sensor surfaces while protecting delicate integrated circuits, to create a functional packaging solution tailored to their precise needs."

nCapsulate can be applied to leadframe-based packaging, as well as other substrates, such as PCBs or ceramics.

About Sencio
Sencio BV is an independent package design and assembly company located in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. Fully TS16949-certified, Sencio offers functional packaging solutions for MEMS and integrated sensor systems primarily for automotive and industrial applications. With over 25 years of experience in package development and volume manufacturing of sensor components and systems, Sencio aims to be the world-class competence center for functional packaging.