Semiconductor Process and Device Simulator Boasts Ease Of Use

Semiconductor Process and Device Simulator Boasts Ease Of Use

Debuting in the early 1990s as an easy-to-use semiconductor process and device simulator, the recently updated MicroTec is used by numerous semiconductor companies and universities for both educational and professional applications. The application is a simplified semiconductor TCAD tool, but with powerful modelling capabilities for industrial semiconductor process and device design. It is efficient in computationally extensive simulations for modelling of semiconductor devices with large dimensions such as power semiconductor devices, various kinds of sensors, and solar cells. It is said to be particularly useful for devices made of GaN, SiC and other materials with a wide bandgap due to its unique numerical algorithms ensuring high robustness. MicroTec includes four main tools:
1. SiDif for 2D semiconductor process simulation including oxidation, epitaxy, implantation and diffusion
2. SemSim for steady-state 2D semiconductor device simulation
3. SiBGraf for 2D and 1D graphics
4. MicroTec shell integrating the tools

MicroTec is able to run on virtually any PC; a true 32-bit application for Windows, with very little RAM needed for allocation. For more details, visit

Siborg Systems Inc.
Ontario, Canada
[email protected]

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