SDK Supports 150+ Processors

SDK Supports 150+ Processors
Texas Instruments Inc.

Promising developers the ability to quickly create differentiated products using a single software platform, the company’s processor software development kit (SDK) scales across the latest Sitara processors and digital signal processor (DSP) families. The SDK is built on the foundation of a mainline long-term stable (LTS) Linux kernel, U-Boot, Yocto Project-compatible file system and Linaro tool chain. This support of the mainline Linux kernel ensures the availability of the latest, stable features and bug fixes to the processors while maintaining compatibility with prior releases. The kit also includes application libraries and examples that enable system development using industry standard APIs and frameworks. For example, support for Khronos OpenCL enables easy distribution of tasks to different cores in heterogeneous processors without requiring in-depth knowledge of the different cores. The Processor SDK is available for immediate download.

Texas Instruments Inc.
Dallas, TX

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