S3Edge Launches Asset-Tracking System

PORTLAND, OR, and ORLANDO, FL /PRNewswire/ -- S3Edge Inc., a software product company that provides RFID-based solutions, announced the general availability of their Spotlight product suite for asset tracking with RFID technology. "With Spotlight's out-of-the box capabilities, users can quickly gather data and insights into how their operations can be improved. We call this the observational phase, and it sets the stage for a more complete RFID solution roll out that targets process-automation improvements while complementing existing systems and processes," said Ram Venkatesh, CEO of S3Edge. "In addition, scalable solutions built on Spotlight do not have the time-consuming, high risk of failure or high ongoing support costs associated with custom or point solutions. This is an extremely exciting development for the end-user community."

For customers, Spotlight's packaged components, consisting of hardware, tags and controlling software, can be quickly deployed with little or no disruption to existing enterprise systems. It can be used to determine where high-cost errors occur and labor productivity improvements can be made, by observing and reporting on real-time asset movements.

"S3Edge's commitment to quality and RFID domain expertise in deploying enterprise-ready software in an operationally challenging environment is second to none," said James Chan, General Manager from Toll Global Logistics, Asia's leading 3PL provider, who is using Spotlight technology for their RFID Enterprise Application Platform service. "S3Edge's approach to deploying a scalable real-time visibility and control system has allowed us to take a complex, emerging technology and convert it into a competitive advantage for our business and customers."

Customers across the globe are using Spotlight as the basis for a wide range of vertical solutions, including asset and personnel tracking, factory floor automation, warehouse operations, maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO), and tool tracking. Built in extensibility features and a well-defined customization methodology ensures new and evolving use cases are easily integrated over time, providing greater benefits and lowering the total cost of ownership. For industry partners, Spotlight technology coupled with S3Edge's domain expertise provides a unique advantage in delivering best-of-breed asset tracking solutions for end-users in vertical markets.

"S3Edge is a key partner in developing packaged solutions that fully utilize the capabilities of the Microsoft BizTalk RFID platforms to address real-world customer needs," said Sudhir Hasbe, Senior Product Manager of BizTalk Server at Microsoft Corp. "Their Spotlight product is a good example of how partners are innovating to deliver complete end-to-end solutions for customers on the Microsoft Application Platform, across the globe."

To put this exciting new technology into the hands of end-users planning RFID projects, S3Edge is signing up a limited number of customers to use the Spotlight system via a risk-free assessment. Visit the company's Web site or the Microsoft booth (# 512) at the RFID Journal trade show in Orlando to learn more about getting started with Spotlight technology for your RFID application needs.

About S3Edge
S3Edge Inc. is a software product company that provides packaged, RFID-based real-time visibility and control systems for automating and error proofing supply chain operations. Spotlight, S3Edge's software product, enables enterprises to quickly and easily configure and view assets, zones, alerts, reports, and manage an extensive network of RFID devices. Spotlight has been deployed in a wide range of systems, including asset and personnel tracking, factory floor automation, warehouse operations, MRO, and tool tracking. It is built from the ground up on the Microsoft BizTalk RFID (server and mobile) platforms and uses the Windows Mobile/CE, Microsoft SQL Server, and Windows Server platforms. An integral part of the solution provided by S3Edge are the BizTalk RFID device providers for the fixed, mobile, fork-lift, and active RFID readers utilized as part of the overall solution.

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