S2C Quad Kintex UltraScale Prodigy FPGA Prototyping Logic Module Addresses Designs with Massive Parallel DSP Algorithms

SAN JOSE, CA -- S2C, Inc. announces the availability of its Quad KU115 Prodigy Logic Module that supports the Xilinx Kintex UltraScale 115 FPGA. This latest addition to S2C's Prodigy Logic Module family is aimed at complex and varied DSP algorithm development and is ideal for applications such as voice processing, graphics imaging, military, instrumentation, disk controllers, and digital mobile. Highlights of the solution include:

•The most DSP resources of any single FPGA Logic Module on the market
•Ability to easily create a large mesh with multiple FPGA Logic Modules
•Full scalability – can be used as standalone or in Prodigy Cloud Cube™ enterprise modes
•Abundant add-on features

Each system is equipped with four Kintex UltraScale 115 FPGAs and boasts:

•Capacity of up to 46.4M ASIC gates
•303.6Mb of FPGA internal memory
•22,080 DSP48 Slices
•1,152 I/Os on 8 high-speed connectors

The System features 6th generation remote management functions through either USB or Ethernet. Prodigy Player Pro™ Runtime Software is included and can be run on both Windows and Linux systems to perform basic functions such as FPGA download, write/read on-board SD card for off-line download, clock and reset set-up, I/O voltage settings, hardware monitoring, and self-test. The Player Pro Runtime Software also supports Virtual SWs & LEDs for simple tasks such as changing a setting or indicating a condition remotely, and automatically determining which daughter cards are installed on Logic Modules or cable setups between connectors.

"Designers that must deal with a huge number of DSP calculations now have a highly reliable and fast solution that can help them achieve their stringent time-to-market goals," commented Toshio Nakama, CEO of S2C. "An added benefit is that our Quad KU115 Prodigy Logic Module is thoroughly integrated into our Prodigy Complete Prototyping Platform, giving users access to a vast array of prototyping tools and our expansive library of 80+ daughter cards to quickly build their prototyping targets."


S2C's Quad KU115 Prodigy Logic Module is available now. For further details, go to http://www.s2cinc.com

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