S2C Extends Its Xilinx Virtex UltraScale FPGA Prototyping Board Family with Dual VU440 Prodigy Logic Module

SAN JOSE, CA -- S2C, Inc. announces the availability of its Dual VU440 Prodigy Logic Module that supports the latest Xilinx Virtex UltraScale (VU) 440 FPGA. The Dual VU440 Prodigy LM is an all-purpose FPGA prototyping system comprised of a single board. The Dual VU LM's exceptional compact size (280mm * 250mm) is ideal for use on a desktop and for testing in the field while its considerable gate count size makes it a popular choice for prototyping large IPs or mid-size SoCs.

The Dual VU440 Prodigy Logic Modules features:
•518 direct interconnections and 12 GTH transceivers between 2 FPGAs for easy design partitioning without the need for cables or interconnection boards
•1,200 general purpose I/Os and 64 GTH transceivers on 12 high-speed connectors compatible with S2C's 80+ Prodigy Daughter Card Library
•Up to 150MHz superior performance with high reliability
•Full scalability – can be used as standalone or in Cloud Cube™ enterprise
modes •Abundant add-on features

The Dual VU440 Prodigy Logic Module can scale to handle designs up to 88M gates and 177.2Mb of internal memory. The on-board DDR4 SO-DIMM socket and DDR3 SO-DIMM socket can support up to a total of 16GB of memory. Multiple Dual VU Logic Modules can be conveniently connected together to expand capacity, and up to 16 Logic Modules can be configured in a Cloud Cube, enterprise-class prototyping system to support a large-scale SoC design.

The Dual VU Logic Module features 6th generation remote management functions through either USB or Ethernet. Prodigy Player Pro™ Runtime Software is included and can be run on both Windows and Linux systems to perform basic functions such as FPGA download, write/read on-board SD card for off-line download, clock and reset set-up, I/O voltage settings, hardware monitoring, and self-test. The Player Pro Runtime Software also supports Virtual SWs & LEDs for simple tasks such as changing a setting or indicating a condition remotely, and automatically determining what daughter cards are installed on Logic Modules or cable setups between connectors.

"The introduction of our Dual VU Prodigy Logic Module enables our customers of larger designs to further reap the benefits of our Prodigy Logic Module features," said Toshio Nakama, CEO of S2C. "Our Dual VU solution is a great example of our commitment to building the various FPGA prototyping configurations that the market requires. As with the rest of our Logic Modules, Dual VU works with all of our solutions within our Prodigy Complete Prototyping Platform including our expansive library of Prodigy Prototype Ready™ Daughter Cards."


S2C's Dual VU440 Prodigy Logic Module is available for orders now. For more information, visit http://www.s2cinc.com/index.htm

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