RuBee Pilot Kit from Visible Assets

Visible Assets Inc.

Visible Assets Inc., Stratham, NH, offers a RuBee pilot kit that lets you create pilot projects using RuBee (IEEE P1902.1) wireless asset visibility. The kit includes an IEEE P1902.1 license, RuBee hardware, software, and support. RuBee is a long-wavelength magnetic transceiver protocol that can work effectively near steel and liquids; RuBee tags work over a range of 1–100 ft. and can be powered by a single battery for up to 10 yr. RuBee systems can be combined with optional sensors, buttons, displays, and LEDs, and tags may be directly embedded into weapons, mission-critical tools, medical devices, cell phones, and stored products. The kit includes Dot-Tag visibility software and server hardware, Sidewinders routers, RuBee wireless tags, RuBee antennas, and direct support to execute a single-focused RuBee pilot.

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Company: Visible Assets Inc.
Phone number: 603-418-8721

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