Rotary Position Sensors from Bourns

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Bourns Inc.

Models AMS22U and AMM20B Hall effect rotary position sensors from Bourns Inc., Riverside, CA, are intended for applications such as feedback for patient platform position, pneumatic control valve position, actuator motor position, and tilt control as well as lift/shuttle suspension systems. The single-turn AMS22U offers a rotational life up to 100 million cycles, factory programmable electrical angle from 10°–360°, and an 1/8 in. shaft. The multiturn AMM20B has a rotational life up to 50 million cycles, 12-bit resolution, and a factory programmable electrical angle from 1080° to 3600°.

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Company: Bourns Inc.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 951-781-5500

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