Rotary Position Sensor from Piher

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Piher Sensors & Controls

The MTS-360 Mechanical Mount rotary position sensor from Piher Sensors & Controls, Chicago, IL, has an integral PCB for rapid, easy mounting. The device measures electrical angles up to 360° with no dead band, has linearity down to ±0.5%, and can operate up to 333 rpm. It can be programmed with F.S. output with angles from 15°—360°; output is selectable among analog, 12-bit PWM, or 14-bit SPI and a second output channel provides a programmable switch signal. The entire assembly is 35 mm by 36 mm by 7.5 mm.

Contact Info

Company: Piher Sensors & Controls
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 949-375-5975

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