Lawrenceville, GA and Wirral, U.K. --- Richland Technologies (RTL) and LDRA announce a close working relationship resulting in standard methodologies across multiple industries. The cooperative relationship leverages LDRA’s software verification tool suite for requirements traceability, static analysis, unit-testing, and structural coverage analysis to enable high assurance embedded software for safety- and security-critical systems.

Extending RTL’s successful partnership with LDRA for safety-critical avionics systems, the renewed collaboration provides solutions for the industrial, medical and automotive critical software domains. Historically, RTL has relied on the LDRA tool suite to ease integration into key industry design flows and dramatically speed the verification process. Together, LDRA and RTL have helped leading systems companies establish processes that enable them to achieve software qualification or certification more quickly than ever before. In addition, the collaboration has helped companies integrate industry standards and requirements into their own templates, and streamline verification and software testing with the most cost-effective, high-quality solutions available.

For additional information see: Case Study - “Richland Technologies Slashes Design and Certification Time for Advanced Avionics Systems”

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