RF Range Extender from Texas Instruments

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Texas Instruments Inc.

The single-chip CC1190 RF range extender from Texas Instruments Inc., Dallas, TX, is for low-power wireless applications operating in the 850–950 MHz frequency range such as wireless sensor networks, automatic meter reading (AMR), and wireless industrial controls. The device integrates a power amplifier, low-noise amplifier, switches, and RF matching and works with the company's CC1101 sub-1 GHz transceiver and CC430 or CC1110 SoCs. The CC1190+CC1101 system can provide up to a 149 dB link budget. Features include up to 27 dBm (0.5 W) output power and up to 6 dB sensitivity improvement when used with CC11xx and CC430.

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Company: Texas Instruments Inc.
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