RF Energy Harvesting Kit from Powercast

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Powercast Corp.

The Lifetime Power energy harvesting development kit for battery charging from Powercast Corp., Pittsburgh, PA, lets you prototype and develop rechargeable battery-based micropower systems that are reliably and perpetually powered by radio waves. The kit features near-lossless energy storage and efficient charging by using Infinite Power Solutions' THINERGY Micro-Energy Cell (MEC) solid-state, rechargeable thin-film microbatteries. The kit includes a 3 W Powercaster transmitter, a P2110 Powerharvester receiver evaluation board, a custom-designed battery charging board, a 1 mAh THINERGY MEC evaluation card, and other accessories. The 915 MHz RF transmitter and receiver broadcast and then convert RF energy to electrical power, which is then stored in a capacitor to provide a pulsed, regulated voltage output to wirelessly trickle-charge energy storage devices.

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Company: Powercast Corp.
Country: International
Phone number: 800-963-6538

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