Remote I/O from G3 Technologies

Remote I/O from G3 Technologies
G3 Technologies Inc.
G3 Technologies Inc., Louisburg, KS, offers the G303 RIO remote I/O device that has analog, digital, totalizer inputs, and relay outputs and communicates either through its RS-485 port or via its integrated spread spectrum radio. Features include Modbus Slave RTU communication protocol; 4 analog inputs, 8 digital inputs, 1 totalizer/rate input, and 4 relay contact (10 A) outputs; DIP switch set-up; and optional RS-232 or FSK modem support. Applications include industrial process controllers, remote sensors, wireless I/O for remote sites, wellhead and pump site automation, landfill monitoring, remote meter reading, facility security, and other SCADA applications.

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Company: G3 Technologies Inc.
Phone number: 913-947-7205

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