Remote Head Camera from Toshiba Teli

Remote Head Camera from Toshiba Teli
Toshiba Teli America Inc.
The CS5111L from Toshiba Teli America Inc., Irvine, CA, is an analog color composite camera system that combines a compact 29 mm remote head that connects by a 7 m cable to a separate control unit. The 1/2 in. CCD sensor captures fast-moving objects at a 470 line horizontal resolution for high-density color images with reduced noire. PAL and NTSC versions are available. Features include electronic lighting control, automatic gain control, and auto white balance function. The camera has a built-in power supply, uses a standard C-mount lens, and has VBS and Y/C interfaces.

Contact Info

Company: Toshiba Teli America Inc.
Phone number: 949-770-8354

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