Reference Designs Forecast Future Factories


ADLINK Technology will showcase a series of hardware reference designs for factory-of-the-future, smart city, and networking applications at the NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference, March 26-29.


Addressing the growing demand for AI and machine learning applications, the company is incorporating GPU technology into its computing platforms. This includes solutions for applications in industrial automation, automotive (e.g., autonomous vehicles), aerospace and defense, and accelerated Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC).


According to a recent IDC FutureScape report, 75 percent of developer teams surveyed indicated inclusion of AI functionality in one or more applications or services this year. Several proof-of-concept solutions that incorporate AI at the Edge, will be shown including:

  • An Accelerated Multi-access Edge Computing Development Kit (AMEC DEVKIT) with custom GPU capacity for designing Telecom carrier-grade, multi-purpose platforms in support of edge computing applications.
  • Smart camera technology that exceeds current machine vision platform capabilities, enabling robust deep-learning inference and empowering defect inspection and object classification requirements in manufacturing environments.
  • A smart city platform designed to calculate vehicle flow for improved traffic management.
  • An overview of #AccessibleOllie, a friendly neighborhood mobility solution and the world’s first co-created, self-driving, electric and cognitive shuttle. ADLINK edge computing devices run the inclusive rider experience, sign language translation, and 360° 3D immersive bus ride experience.

Edge Computing is a robust market serving a wide variety of industry verticals requiring many form factors. For more insights, visit ADLINK Technology.