Red Branch Sees Wireless Sensor Network Growth

ASHBURN, VA /Marketwire/ -- Red Branch Technologies Inc. announced its CEO Jeff Sirianni discussed the strong outlook for wireless sensor networks and the fact that cost efficiencies are most important in generating revenues within the wireless sensor space.

Sirianni said the market for wireless sensors and associated network power components is predicted to grow at over 40% CAGR by Darnell Group between now and 2012 for the building automation and industrial process sectors—all target markets for Red Branch Technologies.

"By 2012, the expected demand for our types of sensors and power components will reach 150 million units per annum, according to the same Darnell Group report," said Sirianni. "This is a very exciting and dynamic space for us because near-term energy programs will focus on efficiency of operations and to accomplish that goal more and better sensors arrayed in wireless networks are required. Green Power Technologies' solution suite makes cost-effective implementation of these sensor arrays more cost effective."

About Red Branch
Red Branch Technologies Inc. provides sustainable-energy-powered solutions meeting commercial, industrial, municipal, and federal requirements for site security, materials control, emergency communications, water purification, and similar on-site applications. The company's ability to simultaneously manage multiple renewable energy sources allows Red Branch Technologies–powered solutions to stay up and running longer than the competition. Mobility is another differentiating aspect of Red Branch Technologies' solutions.

The company also offers a unique set of security products for military and law enforcement applications, where cost/performance represents a critical selection factor. The application areas include explosive ordinance disposal robots, vehicular inspection, and unmanned aerial vehicles.

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