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LMI Technologies Inc.

LMI Technologies Inc., Delta, BC, Canada, offers HexSight software, version 4.1, for high-accuracy recognition and metrology. The new version adds further support for color image processing and hardware acceleration as well as support for Sony Intelligent Cameras. The geometric pattern recognition technology provides contour-based identification of objects, unaffected by scale, orientation, lighting, occlusion, or clutter, contrast reversal, or subtle color variations. After finding objects the software delivers a set of metrology tools to measure and confirm that the parts meet key tolerances and incorporates a range of third-party camera and frame-grabber support. Applications include road sign detection, solar wafer inspection, shirt-tag location and analysis, OCR, brake pad inspection, and part sorting and sizing.

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Company: LMI Technologies Inc.
Country: Canada
Phone number: 604-636-1011
Fax: 604-516-8368

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