Real-Time DA, Monitoring Software from DSPcon

Real-Time DA, Monitoring Software from DSPcon
DSPcon Inc.

MultiScope v6.5 from DSPcon Inc., Bridgewater, NJ, is designed to work with the company's Piranha III and DataFlex-1000 DA hardware and provides the display power and analytical capabilities of up to 32 test channels and lab instruments on a single PC. The virtual instrument allows you to acquire, analyze, and present data, providing real-time data processing, logging, monitoring, and display, including time series, FFT, strip chart, Lissajous, Campbell, spectrum, and other displays. Features include a single Ethernet connection, standard DSPcon data formats, and a stand-alone feature for review of previously captured data on any PC.

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Company: DSPcon Inc.
Phone number: 888-377-2668

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