Ramtron and Revere Security Join Forces

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO -- U.S. semiconductor maker Ramtron International Corp. (Nasdaq: RMTR), a leading developer and supplier of low energy semiconductor products, and Revere Security, a leading developer of hyper-efficient cryptographic data security solutions, announced that they have entered into a partnership to enable the integration of Revere Security's Hummingbird HB-2 security technology into Ramtron's nonvolatile ferroelectric random access memory (F-RAM) products. Under the partnership, Ramtron and Revere Security will work together on joint product development, joint go-to-market approaches for secure semiconductor solutions, and a roadmap to drive security technology innovation into F-RAM products.

Revere Security technology and services supports Ramtron's growing need for industrial-strength cryptographic solutions in applications that benefit from fast communications and frequent key exchanges at very low energy consumption. Applications for Revere Security enabled F-RAM memory devices include memory subsystems, wireless access control, smart metering, high-value item authentication, data logging, code storage, electronic registration, and point-of-sale machines.

"Ramtron and Revere Security were founded on technologies that enable the lowest energy consumption for microelectronics and cryptographic security," said Revere Security CEO, Rick Stephenson. "By adding Revere Security's technology, Ramtron demonstrates its continued commitment to leadership and excellence in the development of secure, low-power and high-performance semiconductor solutions."

"Revere Security's Hummingbird HB-2 technology extends Ramtron's current AES-128 encrypted product strategy by providing Ramtron customers with both standards-based security and energy-efficient proprietary security options," said Doug Moran, Ramtron's vice president of research and development. "The standard AES-128 and Revere Security Hummingbird HB-2 approaches can be combined for strong security and system integrity or it can be used independently to optimize speed and power in very secure applications."

The first Ramtron products using Revere Security's technology are expected this year.

About Revere Security
Revere Security is a privately owned company specializing in cryptographic data security solutions for small, power-constrained chips and devices. Revere Security's solutions include a remarkably simple, efficient and powerful Hummingbird HB-2 algorithm co-developed by Revere Security Co-founder Eric Smith, Chief Cryptographer Whitfield Diffie and Chief Cryptanalyst Peter Schweitzer. The unique algorithm has been tested, analyzed and proven successful through rigorous study by former cryptanalysts from the National Security Agency. In addition to the proprietary Hummingbird HB-2 technology, Revere Security offers standard based cryptography solutions that are highly optimized for specific resource constrained devises and systems. Revere Security safeguards solutions in embedded systems, RF communications, sensor technologies, mobile computing and more. The company is headquartered in Dallas, TX.

About Ramtron
Ramtron International Corp., headquartered in Colorado Springs, CO, is a fabless semiconductor company that designs, develops and markets semiconductor memory and integrated IC solutions. Ramtron pioneered the integration of ferroelectric materials into semiconductor products that enabled a class of low energy nonvolatile memory, called ferroelectric random access memory, or F-RAM. Ramtron has sold hundreds of millions of F-RAM devices into demanding applications such as automotive safety and entertainment systems, portable medical devices, industrial process control systems, smart electricity meters, and consumer printer cartridges. As the most power-efficient of any nonvolatile memory technology on the market, F-RAM products promise to pave the way for the development of ultra-efficient battery powered products and energy harvesting applications, among others.