On-Ramp Partners with Gemtek

SAN DIEGO /BUSINESS WIRE/ -- On-Ramp Wireless announced that it has chosen Gemtek a world-leading provider of wireless broadband solutions, to act as contract manufacturer and original design manufacturer (ODM) for its Ultra-Link Processing (ULP) wireless system products. Through this partnership, Gemtek will leverage its global expertise in wireless communication products to manufacture On-Ramp's intelligent wireless communication system product, as well as provide technical support and professional services as needed. On-Ramp's ULP system is the "first wireless system purpose-built to solve the challenges of metro scale and other challenging radio environments." The partnership establishes a strong supply chain to meet extensive demand in applications such as Smart Grid, sensing and asset tracking.

"On-Ramp Wireless is delighted to join forces with one of the world's premier contract manufacturers and ODMs, and the world leader in wireless broadband design and manufacturing," said Joaquin Silva, president and CEO of On-Ramp. "This is a pivotal time in the industry, and Gemtek's history of high-volume, high quality production makes them a strategic and credible partner for us as we continue to deploy our products worldwide in applications, which are experiencing explosive growth and require the highest quality, such as the Smart Grid."

On-Ramp's ULP system provides the range and capacity for energy-efficiency and intermittency applications distributed over wide geographic areas and in challenging environments. Given the system's low infrastructure cost, ultra-low power consumption, secure and simple-to-manage architecture, users, such as utilities, can deploy the solution for all of their remote monitoring needs. On-Ramp's network also provides standard interfaces, enabling rapid integration of faulted circuit indicators, hard-to-reach meters, substation monitoring, sensors and devices.

"Gemtek has long been known for adopting new industry changing wireless technologies, applying our expertise in wireless manufacturing, and test to scale to high volume, and we look forward to applying those skills in our relationship with On-Ramp Wireless," said Dr. Longsong Lin, CEO of Gemtek. "We recognize On-Ramp not only for its unique approach to wide area, low power wireless communication, but also due to the enormous market potential. The world is ready to connect billions of devices to the Internet and On-Ramp has the technology to get that done with a system that fills a clear gap in the wireless technology landscape."

About On-Ramp
On-Ramp Wireless is a provider of the "first wireless system purpose-built to efficiently connect billions of hard-to-reach devices in metro scale and other challenging environments. On-Ramp's field-proven Ultra-Link Processing system enables low-power monitoring and control applications within Smart Grid, industrial sensing, and location tracking. Operating in unlicensed spectrum, our signal processing innovation finds weak signals even in high noise environments, yielding extreme coverage, immunity to high interference, and significantly lowers cost.