RAE Systems Offers Wireless Safety System

SAN JOSE, CA /Marketwire/ -- RAE Systems, a leader in connected gas and radiation detection solutions, announced its ProRAE Guardian real-time wireless safety system for emergency responder, military, and national security customers. The wireless safety system provides wireless delivery of real-time data on toxic gases and radiation, combined with the physiological status of emergency responders.

The ProRAE Guardian System helps reduce incident response times and enhance safety in a broad range of applications, including HazMat and emergency response, CBRNe agent detection (chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and explosive), homeland security, police, bomb disposal, public venue protection, and fire service.

The new ProRAE Guardian real-time wireless safety system provides "unsurpassed responder safety and helps emergency responders better protect communities and ensure hazardous materials regulation compliance."

Real-time Information Critical for Emergency Responders
When disaster strikes, incident commanders are tasked with making critical, split-second decisions. RAE Systems' ProRAE Guardian real-time wireless safety system allows first responders to set up a rapidly deployable, secure wireless threat-detection system that encompasses a broad range of RAE Systems' and approved third-party personal, survey, and area monitors to detect and track:

  • Toxic industrial chemicals
  • Flammable gases
  • Chemical warfare agents
  • Radiation
  • Meteorological conditions
  • GPS-based location information
  • Physiological condition of responders

Real-time Mobile Command Center Information
The ProRAE Guardian real-time wireless safety system facilitates faster, data-driven decision making that helps responders save lives and assets. Situational data obtained by multiple responder teams can be instantaneously shared securely through the Internet to aid mission control, simplify the coordination of joint operations, and allow remote experts to be added to the operation in real time.

The RAE Systems ProRAE Guardian real-time wireless safety system now supports the company's portable ToxiRAE Pro single-gas monitors, MultiRAE multi-threat detectors, GammaRAE II R radiation detectors, AreaRAE transportable multi-gas and radiation instruments, BioHarness biometric device, and approved third-party instruments. This further enhances the scope of connected threat-detection tools available to emergency responders and the CBRNe community.

RAE Systems' wireless monitors automatically transmit real-time sensor data and alarms to ProRAE Guardian. This allows emergency responders to focus on their jobs and eliminate the need to report readings over the radio. The system also provides incident commanders an objective picture of a responder's physiological condition. The system is also compatible with optional PlumeRAE plume modeling and HazRAE hazardous material decision-support software to increase public and emergency responder safety. Every instrument that is part of the ProRAE Guardian real-time wireless safety system has been certified as suitable for use in CSA Class I, Division 1 or ATEX/IECEx Zone 1 hazardous locations.

"Real-time remote access and use of incident information should be a necessary safety component of HazMat response and CBRNe detection operations," stated Thomas Negre, Vice President of Products and Marketing for RAE Systems. "RAE Systems has been leading the way in wireless gas and radiation detection for more than a decade. The company has delivered proven solutions to the emergency responder and CBRNe communities for remote monitoring of threat data in real time for faster decision making."

The ProRAE Guardian real-time wireless safety system for first responders and all supported monitors are available now. Customers interested in additional information or purchasing the ProRAE Guardian real-time wireless safety system should contact RAE Systems' local distributor or their regional sales manager. Phase two of the company's wireless safety system development will target industrial safety applications.

Learn More, See More

  • To learn more about the ProRAE Guardian Real-time Wireless Safety Monitoring System, click here.
  • Experience a 3-D tour of wireless gas detection in the fireground and watch a video on how real-time detection can help emergency responders make real-time decisions click here.
  • Emergency responders attending the FDIC Trade Show, April 16–21, 2012, in Indianapolis, can register for the show or sign up to receive an exclusive 1:1 wireless hands-on product demonstration, by clicking here.

About RAE Systems
RAE Systems innovates, designs, and manufactures gas sensors and radiation detectors. The company offers a full line of fixed and portable gas detection solutions, including handheld and personal chemical, compound and radiation detection instruments. RAE Systems' proven real-time safety and threat-detection systems have been deployed by world leaders in the oil and gas, fire and hazmat, industrial safety, national security, and environmental markets, helping save lives and maintain safety in 120 countries. The company's industry-leading gas sensors and radiation detection solutions are widely recognized for their performance and reliability. RAE Systems is based in Silicon Valley.

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