Radiography Systems Acknowledged For Reliability And Relevance

Frost & Sullivan bestows upon Shimadzu Corporation its 2017 Global Frost & Sullivan Award for Product Line Strategy Leadership. Timely innovations and upgrades to the company's radiography products ensure the products stay relevant in an ever-evolving radiography market. The product range enhances automation, efficiency, image quality, and overall clinical value by enabling flexible positioning, reduced radiation dose, and versatility in viewing bone and soft tissue images.


Shimadzu offers an entire range of general radiography solutions, from fixed ceiling-mounted to floor-mounted systems and mobile X-ray solutions, with or without one to two arms. These are available in entry-level to high-end configurations. In 2016, it introduced new technologies such as digital multi-slice tomography with flexible positioning to offer a view of oblique cross sections of the spine and hip joints. Other products include:

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  • SONIALVISION G4, a fluoroscopy product with multi-functionality features
  • RADspeed Pro EDGE package, a high-performance general radiography equipment
  • MobileDaRt Evolution MX7 Version, mobile X-ray with digitization features 

Unique features and technologies include: 

  • The RADspeed Pro EDGE employs cutting-edge technologies like tomosynthesis, speed stitch, and dual energy subtraction. Tomosynthesis combines cone-beam computed tomography (CT) reconstruction with digital image processing so that any number of cross-sectional images can be obtained. The systems also incorporate 'T-smart,' the metal artifact reduction technology that decreases metal artifacts in orthopedic patients. Additionally, it uses speed stitch technology, which combines multiple images that are captured while the X-ray tube is in motion at various angles. Finally, its dual energy subtraction, imaging algorithm, couples with low and high voltages to offer images of soft tissue and bone images separately.
  • SONIALVISION G4 is capable of a wide range of examinations and is ideal for inter-departmental shared services. The field of view (FOV) flat panel detector (FPD) is available in five sizes and provides an extensive imaging area, ultra-high definition and dynamic images, less radiation exposure, a ceiling-mounted telescopic arm, and a wall stand with a portable FPD. It incorporates technologies such as:
  • The SUREengine-Advance, an image processing technology that delivers quality fluoro and radiography images
  • SLOT Advance, an optimal technology for long-view images with a minimal X-ray dose
  • T-smart, the latest tomosynthesis technology that aids in iterative reconstruction with metal artifact suppression
  • The MobileDaRt Evolution MX7 Version incorporates a large LCD monitor and LED collimator light that increases brightness up to 40% and saves electricity by 80% when compared to its competing products. It also has a user-friendly design with wireless capability, which allows it to extend its scope of application. 

To learn more about these award-garnering product, pay a visit to Shimadzu.

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