Rack and Server Solutions Support Open Compute Project Initiatives

SANTA CLARA, CA -- Hyve Solutions Corporation is showcasing at the 2017 Open Compute Summit a new and innovative 48V OCP Open Rack with a single bus bar designed for the masses, and is previewing closed-box demos of server solutions based on the next-generation Intel® Xeon® processor (codename Skylake).

Based upon the Open Rack Standard V2.0, Hyve Solutions has developed a shallow depth (762mm) rack design that provides higher levels of power efficiency with a simplified electrical design. The 48V rack-level power sub-system transmits DC power to the bus bar, providing direct power to rack equipment and eliminating the need for technicians to access the rear of the rack to disconnect power prior to servicing equipment. As a safety element, bus bar covers protect users from undesired electrical contact when the rack is in operation. Additionally, a 48V Lithium Ion battery unit provides backup power to the rack during power outages. Several battery units with N+1 redundancy can be stacked to provide sufficient back-up time based upon customer power requirements.

To complement the new 48V Open Rack, Hyve Solutions has been developing a new range of Hyve Solutions Ambient Series server solutions based on the next-generation Intel® Xeon® processor (codename Skylake), featuring Intel® Advanced Vector Extension 512 (Intel® AVX-512) and Intel® Resource Director Technology (Intel® RDT). Intel RDT provides deeper visibility and control over shared platform resources to deliver performance consistency and dynamic service delivery, through application prioritization, helping drive efficiency and flexibility across the data center. A closed-box Ambient Series server demo is available to preview in the Hyve Solutions booth, with production-ready solutions available by mid-2017.

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