QuadTech Releases New Hybrid 4 Wire

MARLBOROUGH, MA -- QuadTech, a leading provider of power sources and electrical safety test and passive component measurement solutions, today announced the release of the Hybrid 2000 4-Wire, offering companies a new way to test multiple components and automate sub-testing.

Built upon its 2-Wire predecessor, The Hybrid 2000 4-Wire contains new features that enable customers to test multiple components, improve testing ranges, and receive more accurate results. Shari Richardson, QuadTech's Product Line Manager for Electrical Safety Test Equipment, explains, "Customers now have the ability to hipot test and make DC Resistance [DCR] measurements in one unit. Other new features, like the ability to use 2- or 4-Wire DCR, DCR balance, and sub step, really make this unit attractive." The Eight Channel Scanner allows users to connect and perform multiple tests without changing test leads.

DCR Balance compares resistance within a test and compares each point to one and other. This feature ensures quality and consistency while confirming motor balance, making the unit ideal for inductor, solenoid and motor manufacturers.

Another highlighted feature is the sub step. If a failure occurs during a multi-point test, the Hybrid 2000 will automatically re-test each point individually to determine where the failure is. Sub-step will help customers eliminate the replacement of working parts and save time.

The optional temperature compensation removes the need to manually record temperature, and eliminates the process of testing multiple limits due to temperature dependency.

Other industries which will benefit from this unit include: heaters, wire and cable, medical, aerospace and alternative energy industries.

The operational enhancements and added ability in the reengineered Hybrid 2000 was incorporated in an effort to continue better serving QuadTech customers.

About QuadTech
QuadTech, an ISO 9001-Registered company, is a solutions provider enabling Medical Device Manufacturers and other manufacturing industries to test the safety and quality of their electrical products while ensuring compliance to FDA and other regulatory agencies. QuadTech offers a complete line of instrumentation and solutions including LCR meters, hipot and ground bond testers, ac/dc power sources, megohmmeters, milliohmmeters, systems and software, as well as calibration and repair services. Based in Marlborough, MA, QuadTech has a worldwide network of direct sales and distributors who service and support customers around the globe. QuadTech is dedicated to doing everything in its power to assist the customer in achieving their testing objectives.

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