QMC Announces Tetrapod Quantum Dots

CARSON CITY, NV /PRNewswire/ -- Quantum Materials Corp. (QMC) announces a new class of cadmium-free, non-REE, non–heavy metal tetrapod quantum dots (NHM-TPQD) developed to meet worldwide concerns regarding nanoparticle biocompatibility and sustainability.

QMC can produce industrial-scale quantities of NHM-TPQD, using proprietary continuous flow chemistry processes, with "over 90% tetrapod shape and size uniformity, unmatched in the industry." The new availability of a reliable supply of high quantities of uniform and low-cost non–heavy metal tetrapod quantum dots will spur development of products and applications in next-generation displays, sensors, biomedical research, diagnostics and drug delivery, security and conductive inks, solid-state lighting (SSL) and photovoltaic solar cells, currently under development by QMC subsidiary Solterra Renewable Technologies.

Quantum dots in biomedical imaging are unique fluorescent probes with advantages over dyes and other fluorophores. QMC has made improvements in quantum dot brightness (high quantum yield), photostability for longer sample lifetime, high uniformity, narrow band, wide spectrum, and tunable emission spectrum. According to a 2012 market research report by Global Industry Analyst Inc., the total market for global bioimaging technologies in 2017 is forecast to reach $34.7 billion.

In 2011, Quantum Materials and NanoAxis LLC pioneered a Joint Alliance to develop tetrapod quantum dot–based cancer diagnostic kits and theranostic applications, including Alzheimer's, Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, breast cancer, and major depression.

Quantum Materials CEO and founder, Mr. Stephen Squires commented, "While our cadmium-based high-brightness tetrapod quantum dots are unparalleled in photovoltaic solar cell applications and especially for commercializing high-value, small-quantity in vitro research and lab applications, our non-heavy metal tetrapod quantum dot answers the world's ecological and in vivo human toxicological concerns for mass-produced QD in the biotech and other fields of science."

Quantum Materials Corp. is poised to become the world's largest manufacturer of quantum dots by scaling production to multiple kilograms per day in 2013. QMC's production is not subject to any other manufacturer's patents, and QMC is free to joint venture and to license its technology.

Mr. Squires is speaking at the CHI Emerging Diagnostics Partnering Forum in San Francisco this week on quantum dot applications in the next generation of diagnostic assays, multiplexed drug delivery platforms, and handheld POC devices. Quantum Materials Corp. is then exhibiting at the CHI Molecular Med Tri-Conference on February 13–14, Booth 622.

About QMC
Quantum Materials Corp. (QMC) has a steadfast vision that advanced technology is the solution to the most challenging of global issues. Quantum Materials Corp. is devoted to the deployment of technologies to invigorate the development of disruptive solutions through cost reduction and moving laboratory discovery to commercialization with volume manufacturing methods to establish a growing line of innovative high-performance products.

About Solterra Renewable Technologies
Solterra Renewable Technologies Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Quantum Materials Corp., is developing thin-film quantum dot solar cell technology.

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