PXI Frame Grabber from National Instruments

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National Instruments

The PXIe-1435 Camera Link frame grabber from National Instruments, Austin, TX, incorporates the synchronization, timing, data streaming, and processing capabilities of the PXI Express specification while also supporting image processing on complementary FPGA boards. The frame grabber acquires from all Camera Link camera configurations, including 10-tap, extended-full, with up to 850 MBps of throughput and has 512 MB of onboard DDR memory as well as digital I/O including 4 bidirectional TTL, 2 optoisolated inputs, and a quadrature encoder. Applications include use with line-scan cameras for surface inspection of large areas and industrial fault analysis. You can program the module using LabVIEW and the NI Vision Development Module.

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Company: National Instruments
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