PXI Express Modules from National Instruments

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National Instruments

National Instruments Inc., Austin, TX, offers the PXIe-6556 per-pin parametric measurement unit (PPMU) and the PXIe-4140 and PXIe-4141 source measure units (SMUs) for semiconductor characterization and production test. The PXIe-6556 lets you generate and acquire a digital waveform at up to 200 MH or to perform DC parametric measurements with 1% accuracy on the same pin. The two SMU modules provide 4 SMU channels per PXI Express slot and up to 68 SMU channels per PXI chassis to simplify the testing of high-pin-count devices. Sampling rates are up to 600,000 sps. The PXIe-4141 adds SourceAdapt technology that lets you custom tune the SMU's output response to any given load.

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