PSFT Awarded IR Sensing Technology Patent

PARAMUS, NJ /Marketwired/ -- PowerSafe Technology Corp. (PSFT) announced that on May 14th its wholly owned subsidiary Amplification Technologies Inc. (ATI) was awarded U.S. Patent # 8,441,032 titled "Low level Signal Detection by Semiconductor Avalanche Amplification."

"We are very pleased with the award of our fifth U.S. patent," said Jack Mayer, President of PSFT. "It further deepens the patent protection around our breakthrough detection technology. We expect to file additional patent applications in the coming 12 months."

"PSFT's latest generation of devices, which are covered by our most recent patent, provide very high sensitivity to short wave infrared light without the need for cooling," said Mikhail Leibov, CEO of ATI. "Competing devices need to be cooled to about –55C° to achieve comparable sensitivity, which makes their use in consumer applications and many commercial applications unfeasible. We expect the superior sensitivity of PSFT's devices, coupled with the reduction in complexity, weight, and energy consumption, made possible by eliminating cooling, will open new horizons in imaging and night vision in both commercial and consumer applications."

About PSFT
PowerSafe Technology Corp. (PSFT) seeks to transform the field of low-level signal detection. The company's patented platform semiconductor technology has the potential to offer unparalleled and far-reaching benefits to industries such as night vision, medical diagnostics, remote sensing, aerospace, and scientific instrumentation. The technology has been successfully used to develop extremely sensitive detectors of low levels of light, and the company believes its detectors will be used in many existing applications, as well as open up new markets. The technology is also patented to encompass detection of signals other than light, and could in principle be used to create highly sensitive biological, radiological, electrical, and chemical sensors.

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