Proximity Sensors from Hermetic Switch

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Hermetic Switch Inc.

Hermetic Switch Inc., Chickasha, OK, offers the PRX+3800 and PRX+3900 tubular magnetic sensors. The PRX+3800 is a Form B reed switch in a temperature-resistant cylindrical housing with a nominal size of 0.125 in. dia. by 0.750 in. The PRX+3900 is a Form C or change-over reed switch with a similar housing and dimensions. Both sensors are based on the company's HSR-502R reed switch technology and operate using a permanent magnet or electromagnetic coil. Operating distance is 0.250 in. and both devices are rated at 2 W.

Contact Info

Company: Hermetic Switch Inc.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 405-224-4046
Fax: 405-224-9423

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