Project Nurtures IoT Ecosystem


Six additional members have joined the Zephyr Project, an open-source group dedicated to creating a safe and secure IoT RTOS. These members include Antmicro, DeviceTone, SiFive, the Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, The Institute of Communication and Computer Systems (ICCS), and Northeastern University. The project group has also added support for more than 100 developer boards and the addition of six new members


Hosted by The Linux Foundation, the Zephyr Project aims to establish a neutral community where silicon vendors, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), Original Design Manufacturer (ODMs) and Independent Software Vendor (ISVs) can contribute technology to reduce the cost and accelerate time to market for developing the billions of IoT devices.


At its launch in 2016, Zephyr was supported on four boards including Arduino 101, Arduino Due, Intel Galileo Gen 2 and the FRDM-K64F Freedom development board from NXP Semiconductors. Zephyr now supports more than 100 boards comprising of different architectures: ARM, x86, ARC, NIOS II, XTENSA, and RISCV32 processor families. A complete list of boards is available.


In addition to the new members, the Zephyr technical community recently welcomed Thea Aldrich, a longtime open source participant, as a Project Evangelist and Developer Advocate. She will be an active contributor to the technical roadmap, teaching Zephyr to new developers raising awareness of the project and coordinating communities.


For greater insights, pay a visit to the Zephyr Project and the Linux Foundation.