Profiling Laser Sensor from Omron Electronics

Profiling Laser Sensor from Omron Electronics
Omron Electronics LLC

The ZG from Omron Electronics LLC, Schaumburg, IL, is a 2D profiling laser sensor that completes a full height and width inspection in a single pass in milliseconds. The sensor measures up to 4 items simultaneously; a real-time profile is displayed on the controller's LCD. A range of sensing heads capture profiles from 3–70 mm wide using a visible laser. Features include remote triggering, guided setup menus, 18 built-in measuring tools, and the ability to configure it to gauge height, 2-point step, 3-point step, edge position, edge width, angle and area, and perform comparative calculations between measurements.

Contact Info

Company: Omron Electronics LLC
Phone number: 866-886-6766
Fax: 847-843-8081

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