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Leak Test System

The Falcon from Cincinnati Test Systems, Inc., Cleves, OH, simultaneously determines leak location and total leak rate. The system interfaces with a matrix of Intelense sensors; in-probe microprocessors initiate data processing. The software manages the signals from multiple sensors and an onscreen graphics display shows the leak location and identifies the leak rate. The system also communicates leak information to designated factory communication networks in real time. (513-202-5103, [email protected],

1 W OEM Radio Modem

The 9XTend 900 MHz OEM RF modem from MaxStream, Inc., Lindon, UT, has power output selectable from 1 mW to 1 W (30 dBm) conducted while consuming 780 mA at 5 V. The wireless modem modules feature 256-bit AES encryption, hardware/software for immunity to RFI, –110 dBm receiver sensitivity, and range of 15 miles LOS (40 miles with high-gain antennas). Data rate is 120 Kbps over the air, with –103 dBm receiver sensitivity and 10 Kbps with –110 dBm receiver sensitivity. (801-765-9885, [email protected],

Network-Based Control System

Yokogawa Corp. of America, Newnan, GA, has enhanced the configuration and control functions of its STARDOM network-based control system, which consists of function-specific control, operation, and monitoring components that are networked together. The system achieves the reliability and supportability of DCS and the openness and versatility of PC- and PLC-based systems. With the 1.50 release of the system's autonomous controllers, engineering of control loops is now 50% more efficient and dual-redundant Fieldbus modules are supported. (800-258-2552, [email protected],

Vibration Spectrum Analyzer

The DAS-1258 from Datastick Systems, Inc., Campbell, CA, attaches to a Palm PDA for vibration spectrum analysis for ICP accelerometers. Using included software, you can view FFT displays on the PDA of up to 13 different frequency ranges from 0–5 kHz with up to 1024-point single-side spectrum resolution. The module provides up to 4 single-ended 12-bit analog inputs, digital counter and trigger inputs, and 2 digital outputs. (408-871-3300, [email protected],

Portable Weather Station

NovaLynx Corp., Grass Valley, CA, offers the Model 110-WS-18 for temporary weather data gathering. The system is housed in a weatherproof case and one person can deploy it in <5 min. without using tools. The basic system includes prewired sensors for wind speed, wind direction, and temperature, with sensors for RH, barometric pressure, solar radiation, and precipitation also available. Two auxiliary channels can be used for integration with gas monitoring sensors or other nonmeteorological parameters. The logger has 128 KB of RAM. (530-823-7185, [email protected],

Temperature/Vibration Output Sensor

IMI Div., PCB Piezotronics, Inc., Depew, NY, offers the TO640B 2-wire, loop-powered current-output sensor, which provides both temperature and vibration outputs. Temperature range is –40°C to 85°C, and vibration output is available as peak velocity, rms velocity, and rms acceleration. Features include improved RF filtering and turn-on time; ability to withstand harsh industrial environments; and the ability to interface with existing PLC, DCS, and SCADA systems. The company is ISO 9001 certified. (800-959-4464, [email protected],

Sensor-to-Network Interface

Sensor Synergy, Inc., Buffalo Grove, IL, offers the Network-Enabled Equipment Monitor (NEEM) Model 112 that generates live Web views of data from common analog sensors and provides electronic data sheets and Web log information to supplement the raw data. One NEEM can support 10 external sensors. You can set threshold levels to automatically send an alarm email or provide an onscreen alert. The NEEM includes a software development kit and uses the IEEE 1451.2 transducer interface standard. (847-353-8200, [email protected],

4-Mode Photoelectric Sensor

The PhotoVirtu from Hyde Park Electronics, LLC, Dayton, OH, features 4 sensing modes: diffuse, background suppression, polarized retroreflective, and throughbeam. The sensor uses an external, removable pushbutton for teaching. The flat-profile device offers optional light or dark operate functionality and sensing ranges from 120 mm for diffuse to 15 m for throughbeam. (937-252-2121, x-213, [email protected],

Thermocouple Converter

The T82000-NK from S-Products Inc., Fairfield, CT, mounts in the connection head of a Nicrosil thermocouple and provides an output equivalent to that of a Type K thermocouple. Features include ±1.5°C accuracy, full scalability over the 600°C–1000°C range, 12–30 VDC power, RFI/EMI immunity, 1.7 in. dia. x 1 in. size, <0.05%/yr. drift, and upscale open-circuit detection. Housed in a rugged, epoxy-coated metal case, the device carries a 5 yr. warranty. (203-331-9546, [email protected],

Signal Conditioning Module

The Intelligent Transmitter from Wilcoxon Research, Inc., Gaithersburg, MD, is a vibration transmitter that converts traditional accelerometer signals to 4–20 mA for use in existing PLC/DCS networks (for condition trending) and also provides a buffered dynamic output for more extensive vibration analysis. By pairing an existing vibration sensor with the transmitter, you achieve a sensor to accomplish both tasks. Applications include condition-based monitoring of fans, motors, blowers, compressors, gearboxes, gas/steam turbines, and centrifuges. (800-945-2696, [email protected],

Radar Level Gauge

Designed to measure the distance, level, and volume of liquids, pastes, and solids, the OPTIWAVE 7300 C from KROHNE, Inc., Peabody, MA, has a max. range of 40 m. Higher signal dynamics let the gauge detect small level changes and locate the product's true surface. Features include easy installation, self-diagnostics, and 4 types of screen displays. A device driver makes functionality available independent of the fieldbus protocol and provides a GUI for setup and analysis. The company is ISO 9001 certified. (800-356-9464, [email protected],

16-Bit Data Converters

Analog Devices, Inc., Norwood, MA, has extended its nanoDAC family of DACs in SOT-23 packages with 9 new offerings, pin-compatible from 12 to 16 bits. The 16-bit AD5060 and AD5660 are suited for space-constrained test and measurement equipment and industrial applications, such as open- and closed-loop control systems, analog I/O cards, and DA boards. The AD5060 offers 1 LSB max. INL, including its onchip output buffer amplifier. The AD5660 offers an integrated 10 ppm/°C max. onchip reference. (800-262-5643,

Compact Signal Interfaces

For acquiring avionics bus, video, and PCM data, Heim Data Systems, Inc., Belmar, NJ, offers the UAR40 and UAR80 4- and 8-channel MIL-STD-1553, MRG40 8-channel PCM, and VCR40 4-channel video high-capacity signal interfaces. The plug-in modules can operate in systems producing both the company's DATaRec-3 and IRIG-106 Chapter 10 data formats. MIL-STD-1553 modules can record 4 or 8 dual-redundant buses. The VCR40 lets you record and replay data from up to 4 NTSC/PAL/SECAM sources together with 4 audio channels. Each PCM module can record and replay up to 8 data streams. (732-556-2318,

Tube and Hose Level Sensor

Snapped onto plastic tubes, rubber hoses, and small glass or plastic pipes, the TLS 100 from E-T-A Circuit Protection and Control, Chicago, IL, detects the presence or absence of liquids at a chosen level within the tubes. The capacitive level sensor measures liquids having a high dielectric, such as water-based liquids; sensitivity is adjustable. The aluminum mounting clips serve as the sensing electrodes. The standard sensor fits tubes and hoses with dia. of 3/8 to 7/16 in. (800-462-9979,

Ultrasonic Label Sensor

The UltraLRD from Lion Precision, St. Paul, MN, uses a high-frequency signal transmitted from the bottom of the sensor through the label web, to the top of the sensor. Signal strength depends on the amount of material through which it travels, allowing the sensor to detect the increased signal level corresponding to the gap between labels. Registration repeatability is ±0.2 mm and switching frequency is 500 Hz. (651-484-6544, [email protected],

Wireless Temperature Recorder

Capable of recording up to 4095 readings/ channel and transmitting data up to 1 mile away using a repeater, the RF TC4000A thermocouple recorder and wireless transmitter from MadgeTech, Inc., Warner, NH, is compatible with all common thermocouples. The portable 2-channel device is 0.8 x 1.7 x 2.7 in., provides NIST-calibrated accuracy of ±0.5°C (0°C–50°C), and can be configured, started, and stopped directly from a computer. (603-456-2011, [email protected],

Flow Transducer

The F Series flow transducer from Proportion-Air, Inc., McCordsville, IN, can measure gas flows as low as 2 scfh with a real-time output of 0–10 V or 4–20 mA. As the gas passes through a special venturi orifice, the resulting pressure change is measured and used to determine gas flow rate. Output is linear over the flow range. The transducer has a NEMA 4 rated housing. (317-335-2602, [email protected],

Leak Detection Probe

An accessory to its H2000 hydrogen leak detector, the AP-57 counter flow probe from Sensistor Technologies, Inc., North Billerica, MA, lets you locate leaks that are out of sight or in confined spaces. The probe allows you to activate a suitable counter-flow of fresh air to minimize the effect of background gases by creating a small zone of clean air directly in front of the sensor. The leak detector emits a distinct signal when the tip of the probe is placed in front of the leak. (978-439-9200,

Machine Vision Appliance

Designed for applications involving multiple inspections based on independent views of the same part, the iNspect from ipd, Intelligent Products Div., Coreco Imaging, Inc., Billerica, MA, ships with all required software, hardware, user interface, I/O controls, and communication interfaces resident in the device. Features include the ability to accommodate views and processing for up to 3 cameras, setup and monitoring via traditional desktop interface, local display, ample disk space, comprehensive software tool set, and optional monitor access through a remote network interface. (978-670-2002, [email protected],

14-Bit Simultaneous Sampling ADCs

Maxim Integrated Products, Sunnyvale, CA, offers 3 families of 14-bit simultaneous-sampling ADCs: the 0–5 V, MAX1316/MAX1317/ MAX1318; the ±5 V, MAX1320/ MAX1321/MAX1322; and the ±10 V MAX1324/MAX1325/MAX1326. Features include 93 dBc SFDR, 76 dB SINAD, and ±2 LSB INL and ±1 LSB DNL DC accuracy. ADCs are available in 8-channel (MAX1316/MAC1320/ MAC1324), 4-channel (MAX1317/MAX1321/ MAX1325) and 2-channel (MAX1318/ MAX1322/MAX1326) versions. ADCs integrate a high-speed 15 MHz parallel interface, internal 2.5 V reference, and internal or external conversion clock. (800-998-8800,

Quick-Locking Connectors

SPEEDCON connectors from Phoenix Contact Inc., Harrisburg, PA, provide a secure, watertight, and vibration-proof connection between cord sets and devices and do not require special adapters. Compatible with all standard M12 connectors, SPEEDCON connectors are offered as IP65 and IP67 cord sets, field-wirable panel-mount connectors, and sensor-actuator boxes. Integrated in the company's Fieldline modular I/O system, SPEEDCON offers an array of fieldbus modules for Profibus, CANopen, DeviceNet, and Interbus. The company is ISO 9001 certified. (800-322-3225, [email protected],

Data Management Software

Arendar 2005 from VI Technology, Inc., Austin, TX, adds a Web portal, SPC analysis, and open architecture to the company's enterprise test data management software. Other improvements include a query browser, DIAdem enhancements, interactive and batch import of legacy data, TestStand integration, and meta data support. The Query browser lets you create search criteria in SQL or OQL and integrate the query into third-party software products. (512-388-3490, [email protected],

Dual-Sensor Camera

Sensors Unlimited, Inc., Princeton, NJ, offers the Visible-InGaAs SU320Mvis 1.7RT MiniCamera, a tiny dual-wavelength-range camera that simultaneously images in the visible and short-wave IR (SWIR) spectrum. Built around the company's InGaAs focal plane arrays, the camera has a 320 x 240 pixel array with 40 ?m pitch, requires no cooling, and delivers both 12-bit digital RS-422 output and EIA-170 analog video output. Quantum efficiency is >70% from 1000–1600 nm, >50% at 800 nm, and >10% at 400 nm. (609-520-0610, [email protected],

RH/Temperature Module

The EE03 from E+E Electronik GmbH, Engerwitzdorf, Austria, is a temperature and humidity measurement and dew-point detection module for OEM applications. Originally designed for automotive applications, the module communicates via 2-wire digital protocol and features long-term stability. Working range is 0%–95% RH and –40°C to 85°C with accuracy of ±3% RH and ±0.3°C, respectively. Current consumption is <1.5 mA. The plug-in module can perform ambient air monitoring or measure surface humidity and temperature to detect near-condensation conditions. (43-7235-605-0, [email protected],

Laser Transmitter for Bulk Solids

The all-digital LaserTrak 2000 from ASI Instruments, Houston, TX, is designed to measure dry bulk solids at distances up to 60 m. The transmitter's laser has a wavelength ~1 µm, resulting in virtually no beam divergence and the ability to narrowly focus the laser over long distances. Other features include an IP65 or NEMA 4X–rated enclosure; SS dust tubes with a built-in purge port; an advanced timing system; and self-correcting signal processing functions. (800-245-7056, [email protected],

LVDT Smart Indicator

Electro Standards Laboratories, Cranston, RI, offers the Model 4215-LVDT for the measurement and control of dual-channel LVDT measurement fixtures. The indicator has 2 LVDT channels, print capabilities, and RS-232/-485 serial communications and is capable of mixed-transducer interfacing, including LVDT, DC strain extensometer, and quadrature encoder-based position measurement devices. Other features include TEDS compatibility, 24-bit A/D resolution, 16-bit D/A resolution, 60 sps sampling, and 0.005% core accuracy. (401-943-1164, [email protected],

Temperature, Humidity Monitoring

Sensicast Systems, Inc., Needham, MA, offers its Environmental Monitoring Solution (EMS), which links temperature and humidity sensors with its flexible wireless mesh sensor networking platform. The sensors conduct real-time environmental monitoring and are available with remote sensing probes. The EMS100 is an environmental management node, a component of the company's H900 wireless SensorNet system, and it reports real-time temperature and humidity to a central management application. (781-453-2555, [email protected],

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