proDAD Unveils Groundbreaking Mercalli V4 SAL+ Video Stabilizer and Automatic CMOS Distortion Correction Application

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- proDAD announces the immediate availability of its new Mercalli V4 SAL+ stand-alone video stabilization and automatic CMOS sensor distortion correction application for Windows users. Under development for more than two years, the new automatic CMOS correction technology automatically corrects distortions in rough action and sports videos, turning bumpy, jumpy, wobbly footage into smooth, watchable videos and is now part of proDAD's Mercalli platform - the video professional's "gold standard" post-capture video stabilization solution for years.

When used in conjunction with stabilization, the new automatic CMOS distortion correction technology delivers an extremely unique and powerful solution for cleaning up video footage shots where the camera is hard-mounted to a car, motorcycle, bicycle, or aerial vehicle and contains vibration jitter and wobbly CMOS jello. Even when a gimbal is used, this new CMOS distortion correction can null out distortions a gimbal cannot. It's the ultimate in video smoothing.

"Compared with the other video stabilizers, Mercalli V4 SAL+ delivers unparalleled video smoothness and is not dependent on gyro inputs like some stabilizers," said Robert DeMoulin of proDAD Inc. "Mercalli need only analyze a few frames of video to 'learn' the camera sensor's signature, and then automatically applies CMOS correction and stabilization; effectively converting unusable footage into great-looking, usable video."

Mercalli V4 SAL+ Highlights

•Fully automatic CMOS distortion correction, requiring virtually no zoom in, which is many cases is all that is needed to smooth video while maximizing view area & resolution;
•Effectively removes vibration/oscillation jitter from motors/rotors, and jello caused by wind and other environmental conditions, even rolling-shutter skew;
•Stabilization can be applied if needed for further smoothing of bumps and shakes with dramatically better stabilizing quality and faster rendering than previous versions;
•New Dynamic Zoom stabilizer feature dynamically adjusts the amount of zoom-in applied to correct the video while preserving view area and resolution;
•Greatly improved 3D (X, Y, Z-axis) stabilization corrects perspective distortions;
•Exclusive new stabilization method optimally stabilizes warped video
(fisheye); •New "Storyboard" feature allow multiple optimized video clips to be arranged and exported as a rough-cut movie without bringing into an NLE;
•Simple clip trimming allows clips to be trimmed before processing;
•Convenient Batch Mode allows multiple clips to be exported as a batch process, even with different settings per clip. There is also a new "analyze all" feature for batch analysis of clips in the media bin;
•New Forensic view mode shows detail on how the camera was moving while recording;
•Advanced CMOS correction mode for manually manipulating video by removing specific frequency bands, very helpful in isolating vibration/oscillations;
•New video de-noising & sharpen option to help clean up grainy video;
•Works with all video resolutions, including SD, HD, Full-HD, and Ultra HD 2.7K, 4K, and 8K;
•Full resolution preview and super fast rendering with full GPU and multi-core/thread processor support;
•Export into industry standard formats including HEVC/H.265 (.mov), H.264 (.mp4 & .mov), Motion JPEG (.mov), and Apple ProRes (.mov). Dolby Digital AC-3 audio is also supported;
•Windows 8.1/8, Windows 7, Windows Vista 64-bit only stand-alone application for maximum performance & flexibility as a clip pre-processing tool or simple editing tool.

Price & Availability

Mercalli V4 SAL+ carries an MSRP of $299 for the full version, and users of Mercalli V2 SAL or V3 SAL can upgrade to V4 SAL+ for $199. Through January 31, 2015, proDAD is offering an introduction special for Mercalli V4 SAL+ for $239 (full version) and $159 (upgrade) respectively. Customers can purchase directly or from proDAD authorized resellers including Toolfarm.

To obtain evaluation SDKs and start a discussion, please submit an email request to [email protected]

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