Precyse Announces RTLS Wireless Standard

OLD GREENWICH, CT /Marketwire/ -- PRECYSE Technologies, provider of real-time location and supply chain visibility solutions, based on next-generation active RFID and asset network technologies, announced the availability of N3, the "first bi-directional, wireless asset network standard." Precyse is offering the infrastructure for this network free of charge for customers purchasing more than 2,000 asset attached tags and calling for all market players with RTLS solutions to do the same. Precyse CMO Rom Eizenberg will talk about the responsibility and role RTLS providers should play in driving much stronger growth in the market, helping companies bridge the last mile between enterprise IT platforms and a world of moving assets during RFID Journal LIVE! in Orlando, FL, from April 14–16, 2010 (booth #628).

Until now companies have been challenged by RFID networks that are unsecure and application specific with only one-directional communication and a dense reader infrastructure. With N3, Precyse enables manufacturers to have a secure, bi-directional asset network without compromising a five-year battery life. The N3 asset network technology provides a last-mile communication platform connecting assets and personnel to a unified network, enabling asset identification and real-time location. It also provides the transparent implementation of wireless sensors, machine-to-machine communications, and simple user interface functionality. The result is an easy-to-install, highly reliable technology and a cost-effective way for companies to manage assets.

"We are helping large manufacturers proactively manage their supply chain through real-time asset visibility to automate data collection, enable managerial intelligence, increase productivity, and reduce inventory waste," said Rom Eisenberg, CMO and Co-founder of Precyse Technologies.

One of the key factors hampering growth in the RFID market is the heavy entry cost of the location infrastructure laid on the end customers. Precyse is driving the global RFID evolution and the "Internet of Things" concept by being the "first to offer mid-sized customers its infrastructure for free," challenging competitors to follow suit. Hear more on this topic and how automated data-collection tools or asset networks can help enterprises increase quality, speed response times, and eliminate excess inventory at RFID Journal LIVE! At the conference Mr. Eizenberg will present a session titled "Asset Network, Not Just RFID!" at 12:20 pm ET, on April 15th, in room S230-E.

PRECYSE Technologies, a market leader in real-time asset and supply chain visibility solutions, offers last-mile communication platforms that connect assets, machines, and IT platforms on a unified information network at 1 mile range. The network automates data collection, enables managerial intelligence, and facilitates savings through inventory reduction, process automation and human error elimination, improved quality, and supply chain agility. N3, the first bi-directional, wireless asset network standard from PRECYSE takes a leap forward in RFID evolution. The PRECYSE iLocate product suite delivers asset identification, location, wireless sensing, and remote machine control to Fortune 500 manufacturers and governments with a proven, under 1 year return. Coupled with the PRECYSE Smart Agent, a cell phone build for assets, PRECYSE offers an out-of-the-box solution, introducing a new way for manufacturers, logistics providers, and government organizations around the world to manage operations.

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