Precision Temperature Resets Accuracy Bar

Temp Scanner
Fluke Corp.

Promising best-in-class accuracy, Fluke’s 1586A Super-DAQ temperature scanner provides up to 40 analog input channels and delivers scan rates to 10 channels per second. Temperature measurement accuracy is ±0.005ºC for PRTs, 0.5 ºC for thermocouples, and 0.002ºC for thermistors. Suiting applications such as thermal mapping, process-sensor calibration, quality control, lifecycle testing, process monitoring, and environmental testing, the instrument offers the flexibility of both internal and external input modules. It measures thermocouples, platinum resistance thermometers (PRTs), thermistors, dc current, dc voltage, and resistance. Other features include a color display with channel indicators that can chart up to four channels simultaneously, four modes of operation (scan, monitor, measure, and digital multimeter), alarms that indicate when channel measurement exceeds an assigned limit, 20 MB of memory, a USB port, LAN interface, and an RS-232 interface. For more information, visit  or call (877) 355-3225.

Fluke Corp.,
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Company: Fluke Corp.
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