Powerhouse Announces Energy Management System

BOSTON /BUSINESS WIRE/ -- Powerhouse Dynamics announces a new version of the eMonitor c-Series energy management system for small businesses. The eMonitor c-Series is a cost-effective solution targeted at smaller commercial buildings, typically those under 25,000 sq. ft., with a particular emphasis on energy intensive businesses, such as restaurants and convenience stores.

"We began installing the eMonitor c-Series in late 2011, and the new visibility it provided had an immediate impact on reducing our customers' energy costs," said Jason Roeder, Director of Energy Products and Services for Powerhouse. "Based on what we've learned from customers and our growing trove of data, we have made the first of what will be many rounds of enhancements to the system".

New capabilities in eMonitor c-Series 1.2 include:

  • The ability to capture water and gas meter data
  • Support for temperature, humidity, and other sensors
  • A powerful new pattern recognition algorithm to better analyze equipment performance to identify operational issues
  • Consolidated off-hours equipment usage reporting to better highlight "no-cost" opportunities to recapture lost profits
  • Enterprise-level assignment of alerts to staff, as well as service providers, along with the ability to personalize alerts
  • New analytics that track equipment runtime and performance to support maintenance planning
  • Enhanced employee engagement tools to better integrate operational energy efficiency into existing business processes

Jay Fiske, VP of Business Development for Powerhouse, added. "We are really pleased to see that customers were able to achieve savings and increase profits virtually from the outset, by squeezing out inefficiencies and identifying equipment problems. Many customers will see system payback in under a year. This new release will provide an even better user experience and increase savings opportunities, putting customers in a stronger position to reduce costs and protect profits as the high energy use summer season begins."

About Powerhouse Dynamics
The eMonitor from Powerhouse Dynamics' is the "first cost-effective, intelligent energy management solution designed to monitor all uses and sources of energy while controlling major loads." The eMonitor uniquely monitors a building's electrical power consumption at the circuit level, providing ongoing analysis, diagnostics, and alerts to deliver actionable intelligence and control strategies. Thousands of customers have saved money and energy with the eMonitor, which is now available for both homes and small commercial facilities.

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