POS Keyboard Keep Credit-Card Purchases Secure

POS Keyboard Keep Credit-Card Purchases Secure

The G86 MSR Encryption Series is described as a professional point-of-sale (POS) keyboard designed exclusively for secure credit card transactions. Offered with and without a touchpad in both SPOS 14.2” and LPOS 17.4” lengths, the keyboards promise one of the highest levels of POS credit card protection against liability and fraud for dealers, VARs, integrators, and their customers. When a credit card is swiped through the magnetic stripe reader (MSR), credit card data is encrypted immediately within the device before the data flows through to the computer and on to the relevant process service provider. This means that servers do not have to handle clear text credit card data. Reportedly, this prevents any security breach from accessing sensitive customer credit card information during or after the transaction process.

Cherry Corp.
ZF Electronic Systems
Pleasant Prairie, WI

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Company: Cherry
Country: United States (USA)

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