Portable Vibration Analyzer from GE

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GE Measurement and Control

The Bently Nevada SCOUT portable vibration monitoring and analysis instrument from GE Measurement and Control, Minden, NV, acts as a data collector, analyzer, and balancer for use in the oil, gas, and power-generation industries. The device is available in a 2-channel (SCOUT100) or 4-channel (SCOUT140) version. Measurement ranges are 1000 g, 25,000 mm/s, and 2500 mm. The devices offer 2-plane balancing, ≥ 95 dB dynamic range, a laser speed sensor for capture of machine running speed, and a Keyphasor tachometer mode. Features include improved ergonomics, a high-resolution backlit LCD, multichannel data collection on route recordings, 1 GB of memory for data, 10 hr. battery life, DC-coupled sensor support, up to 12,800 lines of FFT resolution, and 40 kHz Fmax.

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Company: GE Measurement and Control
Country: International
Phone number: 866-243-2638
Fax: 717-242-2606

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