Popular PC Cards Add M.2 Format

HMS Industrial Networks has added the M.2 format to its IXXAT INpact PC-card range. According to HMS, the result is the

smallest PC-interface for Industrial Ethernet and Profibus on the market. With the M.2 interfaces, users can implement PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT, Modbus-TCP, Powerlink, and PROFIBUS slave connectivity with a compact footprint in small and mobile devices used for service, configuration, data analysis, or process data visualization. INpact M.2 also fits well in modern embedded computer-based controllers, where it enables direct connectivity to desired industrial networks.


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The INpact M.2 comes with a comprehensive driver package for Windows, Linux, INtime and QNX, offering an easy and fast development process. A uniform programming interface allows switching seamlessly between different INpact cards and protocols without changing the software. The effect is increased flexibility and a significant reduction of development costs.


The multi-network capability of the INpact is based on Anybus CompactCom technology, in which the FPGA-based Anybus NP40 network processor provides all functionality required to handle communication between the Industrial Ethernet or fieldbus network and the user’s application. The solution features real-time performance.


INpact M.2 is available as a final product with pre-installed network protocol, and it also features a flexible, multi-protocol Common Ethernet version which enables users to save storage cost. Economy of scale is achieved since users can select and upload the desired Industrial Ethernet protocol to the INpact. Connection to the fieldbus or Industrial Ethernet network is done through a special bus interface board, connected via cable to the IXXAT INpact M.2. The INpact M.2, bus interface board, cable and mini bracket comes in a kit, but can also be purchased separately. Get more eye-opening info from the IXXAT INpact M.2 data page.


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