Popular DAQ Device Family Squires In 15 Newbies

Popular DAQ Device Family Squires In 15 Newbies

Via a low-speed analog input module and additional housing options, the company has significantly expanded its EMX data-acquisition (DAQ) product line by combining different analog and thermocouple channel types into various compact packages. The array of choices makes it easy to find a device with a channel combination that fits any new application or replace higher cost clusters of dedicated analog and thermocouple units in existing applications. The EMX series also provides a high level of high-end measurement that in the past required larger more costly rack-sized instrumentation equipment. These features include precision hardware anti-aliasing filters, user configurable software filters, wide measurement ranges, channel isolation, and built-in sensor power for analog channels. For more details and specs, visit https://www.accuratetechnologies.com/DataAcquisition/EMXModules  

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