Polatis and Quali Deliver Dynamic Fiber Layer Management Solution for Automating Network Equipment and System Lab Testing

BEDFORD, MA and SANTA CLARA, CA – Polatis and Quali have developed and delivered an integrated fiber layer management solution. Quali's CloudShell cloud sandboxing platform integrated with Polatis' family of fiber layer switching products provides an easy-to-use and extremely flexible solution for configuring fiber layer connectivity on-demand. The joint solution enables infrastructure vendors, data center operators and network service providers to quickly, and simply, execute complex equipment, system and service testing on high-speed (10/40/100+ Gbps) optical backbones.

The integration allows Quali's CloudShell software to control Polatis' all-optical switching products, providing the ability to reconfigure Layer 1 resources dynamically from anywhere in the world. Further, it enables the orchestration needed to seamlessly manage higher layer network elements, and other connected equipment, from a single control point. Quali's visual modelling tool dramatically simplifies the process of modelling and provisioning complex connectivity. The low loss and superior optical performance of Polatis switches enable the most accurate and reliable testing, in a wide range of network applications, with virtually no latency and minimal system impairments.

CloudShell's cloud sandboxing and DevOps automation platform manages the entire lab and data center infrastructure: inventory, modelling, provisioning, lab-wide connectivity, resource planning and reporting. Together with Polatis, the result is a highly efficient, multi-tenant system that enables fiber and equipment resources to be easily shared across multiple test topologies simultaneously without concern for conflict.

With CloudShell's architecture based on abstracting connectivity and Polatis' rich software interfaces, including NETCONF and OpenFlow, the integration enables testing of SDN (Software Defined Network) and NFV (Network Functions Virtualization) applications. This includes stressing network topologies with intense packet generation, and simulating fiber cuts and degrading optical signals, among other tests.

Polatis is the only all-optical switch vendor to release a NETCONF interface and associated YANG models required for integration with transport SDN and network functions virtualization (NFV) management platforms. Polatis' range of embedded SDN and network management interfaces include NETCONF, OpenFlow, REST, TL1 and SNMP.

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