PMIC Boosts Software Power Measurement Accuracy

Microchip Technology’s PAC1934 power monitoring integrated circuit (PMIC) works in conjunction with the company’s software driver that is fully compatible with the Energy Estimation Engine (E3) built into the Windows 10 operating system. Reportedly, the combo achieves a measurement accuracy of 99% on all Windows 10 devices that have batteries. Combining Microchip's PAC1934 and Windows 10 driver with Microsoft's E3 service can improve the measurement of battery usage from different software applications by as much as 29%. 


The PAC1934 measures voltage rails as low as 0V and as high as 32V. This allows the chip to accurately measure power usage from simple Core Processing Unit (CPU) tasks up to software running on devices that connect through a USB Type-C connector. The device is a four-channel device with 16-bit power measurement and a 17 minute plus accumulation register. For more details, a datasheet is available. Microchip Technology Inc., Chandler, AZ. 1-888-624-7435


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