Plasma-Therm Awarded Federal Contract

ST. PETERSBURG, FL -- Plasma-Therm received a federal contract from the U.S. Department of Commerce's National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) for high density plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition systems. The contract will be used for continued research and development for future electronics, nanofabrication, Nano manufacturing, energy storage, transport, and conversion with special emphasis on cutting edge deposition technologies. Plasma-Therm's VERSALINE is at the forefront of this contract assisting in the research and development of cutting edge deposition processes. This contract continues the over 15 year relationship Plasma-Therm has had with NIST and other national institutions.

About Plasma-Therm's VERSALINE
The Versaline (VLN) HDPCVD platform enables extremely uniform and conformal high quality SiN and SiO2 film depositions at very low temperatures, typically between 80°C to 150°C. HDPCVD processing is a special form of PECVD that utilizes inductively coupled plasma (ICP) to create very high density plasma for use as a dielectric material. The Versaline platform enables this technology through a very robust chamber design where all chamber wall surfaces are maintained at a very uniform temperature, allowing very quality plasma generation and very repeatable wafer uniformity. The use of very high quality components enhances the system reliability and quality construction.

Plasma-Therm has achieved VLSI's top supplier award for 14 consecutive years for superior customer support and service. The combination of cutting-edge technology, the very reliable Versaline platform, and outstanding customer support and service all contributed to the NIST Center for Nanoscale Science and Technology's decision to choose Plasma-Therm for their HDPCVD system.

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