Piezoresistive Sensor Signal Interface IC from Micro Analog

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Micro Analog Systems Oy

Micro Analog Systems OY, Helsinki, Finland, offers the MAS6503 piezoresistive sensor signal interface IC for pressure sensors. It has very low power consumption, 1.8 V operation, VDD level monitoring, and a ratiometric 24 bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC that uses a delta-sigma (∆Σ) conversion technique and SPI or I2C bus with programmable I2C address and EEPROM calibration memory. The resolution for a signal range of 373 mV is 17.4 bits. Overall current consumption values of 18.3 μA (one conversion in a second at maximum resolution) or less can be achieved. Applications include calibrated piezoresistive pressure modules, temperature measurement, battery-powered systems, low-frequency measurement applications, current/power consumption critical systems, navigation systems, and industrial process control applications in noisy environments.

Contact Info

Company: Micro Analog Systems Oy
Country: Finland
Phone number: +358 50 331 5638

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