Photoionization Sensors from Baseline-MOCON

Photoionization Sensors from Baseline-MOCON
Baseline-MOCON Inc.

Baseline-MOCON Inc., Lyons, CO, offers the piD-TECH plus Black and Silver Label photoionization sensors for portable and stationary gas monitors. The sensors are designed for instrumentation manufacturers who want to add low-level VOC detection to their portable or stationary monitors. The piD-TECH plus Black Label has a linear dynamic range of 0.1–2000 ppm while the pID-TECH plus Silver Label has a linear dynamic range of <0.01 ppm to 20 ppm. Both devices are based on a photoionization detector where the sample gas is exposed to a UV lamp; the lamp ionizes and excites the targeted gases in the sample so they can be detected and reported as a concentration.

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Company: Baseline-MOCON Inc.
Phone number: 303-823-6661
Fax: 303-823-5151

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