pH Meter iPhone Accessory from Sensorex

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The PH-1 from Sensorex, Garden Grove, CA, is compatible with Apple's iPhone, iPod, and iPad devices and measures and records pH values in the lab or field for environmental, education, and industrial applications. The accessory plugs into the standard Apple dock connector and uses one of the company's pH electrodes to measure pH from 0–14 pH with accuracy to 0.01 pH. It operates in ambient temperatures from 0°C–40°C and in solution temperatures of 0°C–100°C. A free app displays pH, millivolts, ambient temperature, and solution temperature in real time. The device supports 1, 2, or 3 calibration points and sends readings via email for later analysis. Used with a GPS-enabled device, the pH meter will record measurements with both time stamp and geographic coordinates.

Contact Info

Company: Sensorex
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 714-895-4344
Fax: 714-894-4839

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