Perceptron Offers Multi-Line Laser Sensor

PLYMOUTH, MI /Marketwire/ Perceptron Inc., a leading provider of noncontact measurement and scanning systems for manufacturers and visual inspection tools for professional tradesmen, announced the release of a new multi-line, laser triangulation sensor. The new noncontact sensor is designed for use in automotive wheel alignment systems. The company will provide Dürr Assembly Products GmbH with the new sensor for incorporation into their wheel alignment solutions.

"These new 3D sensors give Dürr the ability to offer a scalable and flexible solution," commented Mark Hoefing, Senior Vice President of Perceptron's Industrial Business Unit. "Minimizing the overall footprint of the complete solution is very important to Dürr. It is also critical to be able to handle multiple car models with different wheel sizes and tire profiles. The new sensor provides a significantly better price-performance combination that minimizes floor space and maximizes model flexibility in our customer's wheel alignment solutions."

Hoefing added, "We were very pleased with the introduction of Dürr's new 'x-3Dcontour measurement system' for wheel alignment, utilizing our new sensor at the recent Automotive Testing Expo 2010 in Stuttgart, Germany."

About Perceptron
Perceptron Inc. develops, produces, and sells noncontact measurement and inspection solutions for industrial and commercial applications. The products from the company's Industrial Business Unit (IBU) provide solutions for manufacturing process control as well as sensor and software technologies for non-contact measurement and inspection applications. Automotive and manufacturing companies throughout the world rely on Perceptron's metrology solutions to help them manage their complex manufacturing processes to improve quality, shorten product launch times and reduce overall manufacturing costs. IBU also offers value-added services, such as training and customer support services. Perceptron's Commercial Products Business Unit develops and manufactures a variety of handheld visual-inspection devices and add-on accessories for professional tradesmen that are sold to and marketed through strategic partners. Headquartered in Plymouth, MI, Perceptron has approximately 230 employees worldwide, with operations in the U.S., Germany, France, Spain, Brazil, Japan, Singapore, China, and India.

About Dürr Assembly Products
Dürr Assembly Products GmbH is part of the Dürr Group and is in the business of balancing and assembly products. It is one of the worldwide leading suppliers of systems to car manufacturers and their sub-suppliers. The production systems developed and manufactured in Püttlingen, Germany, cover assembly and testing, starting with the pre-assembly of complex vehicle components, such as axles and engines. Dürr systems are also used in the most complicated assembly step—the marriage—where the powertrain, chassis, and the car body are precisely fitted and bolted together. Before the finished vehicle leaves the assembly line, it is put to the acid test, where all functions from the powertrain, brakes, electronics, and chassis to the headlights are precisely checked and, if necessary, adjusted.

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