Perceptron Debuts ScanWorks xyz

PLYMOUTH, MI /Marketwired/ -- Perceptron Inc., a leading provider of information-based process improvement solutions for noncontact measurement and inspection applications, announced the release of automated ScanWorks xyz, a complete 3D scanning solution designed for retrofitting coordinate measuring machines (CMMs). ScanWorks xyz is now available with integrated path programming that reduces CMM set-up time and expands overall CMM usability. In the past, all procedures were manual and required duplicate efforts for common parts. By automating key procedures within the ScanWorks software, such as path teaching and calibration, operators can program a path, save it, and use it for future part inspection.

"We continue to see underutilized CMMs in manufacturing plants and believe this new enhancement will help broaden our market potential," said Mark Hoefing, Perceptron's Senior Vice President. "Our initial release of ScanWorks xyz allowed Perceptron to test the CMM retrofit market for scanning and validate the demand for automated scanning capability. Automated ScanWorks xyz will provide additional capabilities that should help supplement our ScanWorks sales by adding value for our customers."

ScanWorks xyz includes all of the components required to add noncontact scanning capability to coordinate measuring machines, computer numerical control (CNC) machines, and layout machines. While the machine sweeps the sensor over the part, the sensor emits a laser line and captures a digital representation of the part. Simultaneously, the machine and sensor's x, y, and z positions are tightly synchronized in proprietary software. The result is a highly accurate cloud of points that can be used for reverse engineering, virtual assembly, engineering analysis, feature and surface inspection, or rapid prototyping.

About Perceptron
Perceptron Inc. develops, produces, and sells noncontact measurement and inspection solutions for industrial applications. The company's products provide solutions for manufacturing process control, as well as sensor and software technologies for noncontact measurement and inspection applications. Automotive and manufacturing companies throughout the world rely on Perceptron's metrology solutions to help them manage their complex manufacturing processes to improve quality, shorten product launch times, and reduce overall manufacturing costs. Perceptron also offers value-added services, such as training and customer support services. Headquartered in Plymouth, MI, Perceptron has approximately 230 employees worldwide, with operations in the U.S., Germany, France, Spain, Brazil, Japan, Singapore, China, and India.

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