Penclic Announces Bluetooth B2 Mouse

STOCKHOLM, Sweden /PRNewswire/ -- Ergonomic Penclic mouse is designed to maximize workspace and productivity. Penclic AB, creator of ergonomically functional and sleekly designed computer accessories, announces the launch of the Bluetooth B2 Mouse. Functional and elegantly simple, the Penclic Bluetooth B2 Mouse is the perfect companion for the modern PC, delivering a wireless experience that frees up coveted USB ports. True to Scandinavian design, Penclic breaks the mold with this pen-shaped mouse that is designed to fit the natural form of your hand for a unique and intuitive user experience, delivering laser-focused precision. The B2 operates without a mouse pad, allowing the lightweight mouse to glide over your work surface in simple, direct motions. Mac- & PC-compatible, the B2 provides a simple, smart, high-quality mouse.

The polished, uncommon appearance of the B2 isn't the only thing that makes it special. The B2 looks, feels, and acts like a pen, placing superior navigation at your fingertips. Equipped with a laser that senses where you plan to move the cursor, the B2 offers precise control. Its ergonomics create a comfortable position, enhancing the user experience and allowing your forearm to relax on your work surface. A more comfortable work environment produces better results, quicker movements, and increased productivity.

Combining technology and design, the B2 comes in a soft white color that compliments any workspace. The mouse also offers health and wellness benefits. The locations of the five buttons for left and right clicking are more convenient for the natural grip of your hand, allowing the dexterity of your fingers to click your mouse as if you were holding a pen. With a scroll wheel set on the right side of the mouse, the design of the pen grip counteracts repetitive strain injury often associated with traditional computer mouse use.

The B2 is perfect for both the professional and the home computer user looking for the latest in design, functionality, and wellness. Whether you spend hours or minutes in front of the computer, you will be doing it comfortably.

Bluetooth B2 Features

  • Wirelessly connects to your Mac or PC via Bluetooth
  • Features 5 click buttons, with scroll wheel and a laser sensor for precision
  • Operates without mouse pad
  • Rechargeable battery lasts approximately two months on one charge
  • Wireless reach up to 10 m
  • Available in white

The Penclic Bluetooth B2 Mouse is now available worldwide at Penclic Retailers.

About Penclic
Sweden-based Penclic AB creates ergonomically functional and sleek computer accessories that combine the latest technology with Scandinavian design to make work more productive, comfortable, and efficient. Starting with the Penclic Mouse, their product line has grown to include the Penclic Mini Keyboard and Penclic Numpad, and now the Bluetooth Penclic Mouse. Offering an enlightened way of living, Penclic's smart, simple, and functional products provide the user with a unique experience without sacrificing quality. Available worldwide.

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