PcVue and InformaTrac Deliver Enhanced Traceability

Woburn, MA --- PcVue, Inc. partners with InformaTrac, Inc. to offer enhanced traceability for asset management. The offering reduces operations costs and improves efficiency for manufacturers as well as managers of energy management and intelligent buildings by reducing or eliminating time spent locating mobile assets. The combination of Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) technology with Auto-ID technology integrated using innovative traceability strategies provides automated tracking and location history. Graphical displays with real-time symbology overlaid on familiar maps from Google or Microsoft or when performing indoor tracking using standard floor plans, provides an intuitive way to visualize the current location of assets and workers. Efficient software search functions all but eliminate wasted manual inventories. Auto-ID hardware provides infrastructure necessary for automatically sensing assets and updating their location in real-time.

InformaTrac’s InformaTrac Pro software combined with PcVue’s SCADA platform yields a flexible and powerful traceability solution. Real-time information from PcVue’s Human Machine Interface (HMI) when enhanced with InformaTrac’s powerful web reporting tools, provides a simple-to-configure and easy-to-deploy system for monitoring asset or people movement. When an asset is moved to an unauthorized or unsafe location, proactive alerts, information and controls are delivered to the worker’s mobile device based on their job function. At central control, the excursion is highlighted in the form of an alarm. This patent-pending contextual HMI technology proactively delivers the information and controls allowing for rapid response or dispatch when there is concern for safety or security.

An area of focus for the partnership is renewable energies, specifically Solar Photovoltaic (PV) power generation. Solar Plants and Fleets, driven by California Rule 21 and other state and federal mandates are undergoing a rapidly growing demand for enhanced and cost-effective asset monitoring. Financial needs of investors for efficient operation and maintenance (O&M) combined with the utilities’ critical need for rapid response to changing grid conditions is creating demand for improved tracking and effective dispatch of mobile O&M resources. The traceability offering of the partnership is uniquely positioned to meet this demand.

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